PRO TUNED: CUSTOMER REVIEW, 2007 BMW E92 335i, +130whp/133wtq GAINS, E50 ethanol, stock exhaust and downpipes


Here’s a review from @VNeBLOB42, one of our recent customers on his PTF eTune on California 91 octane mixed with E85 to make an 50/50 mixture of ethanol to gasoline. The car’s only hardware power adding modifications are dual cone intake and intercooler. 

This dyno reads about 17.5% lower than a typical Dynojet as its reading SAE and the car stock dynoed at only 231whp. On a Dynojet with STD correction a typical BMW 335i puts down ~280whp. If we take that into consideration this same car on a Dynojet could see a whopping 444whp/478wtq at the rear wheels with no changes to tuning.

Automatic 6 speed BMW N54s are said to have approximately 15% drivetrain loss in power from the motor to the wheels. So given 15% drivetrain losses this car is now making a crazy 520+hp and 560+ tq at the crank.

Thanks Vince for this detailed review and its been a pleasure working you.



Hey enthusiasts,I just wanted to share my Dyno results for PTF Pro Tune COBB S1+ E50 (50% Ethanol).

2007 E92, current @ 51k miles.

Max Run at 367 whp @ 394 tq.
130 whp @ 133 tq Delta!
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Special thanks to Pro Tuning Freaks for an outstanding job and getting the MAP versions revised and returned quickly. Pro Tuning Freaks are great to work with and would recommend them highly.

These results were based upon many factors, thus numbers can vary depending on Dyno type, mods, tune, gas, etc. You get the idea.

I began this endeavor mid February 2012, where I completed a fully stock Baseline Dyno run.

A Dyno Dynamics aka Heartbreaker Dyno was used. This Dyno uses SAE corrections, thus the read out are lower than other Dynos. But the important part! Are the delta’s! Click here to enlarge
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Baseline Run:

Max 231 whp @ 257 tq

4th gear AT (DS Mode)
+- 60 deg Outside Air
Hood up
+- 5-8 min. between runs
42,500 miles

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Since my goal is to keep stock DP’s until warranty and 1st SMOG is up, I decided to get maximum power with COBB S1+ in the meantime.

March through August Mods: ( took longer than expected Click here to enlarge )

Spark Plugs under maintenance
Walnut Shell Blasting

Now of course, the fun part. After dialing in the Pro Tune I took it back to the Dyno shop.

PTF S1+ E50 Dyno Runs

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Run 5 Blue 367 whp @ 394 tq
Run 9 Red 360 whp @ 390 tq
Run 10 Pink 362 whp @ 397 tq
Green Baseline

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4th gear AT (Manual Mode)
+- 77 deg Outside Air
Hood up
+- 5-8 min. between runs
51,500 miles

A Delta of 130+ whp @ 133+ tq.

Fuel blends @ 8.5 gallons of E85 with 7.5 gallons of ACN 91.

Overall I am very satisfied with these results Click here to enlarge and it shows that there is power to be made with a Stage 1+ 335i. Granted the fact with Stock DP’s, ACN 91 and we didn’t push the limits, there is still more ponies to be made.




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