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bootmod3: New Feature Release v0.10.099

By Bertan Kazazic

Release 0.10.099 is now out. Changes include:
  • New Logging Support: Expanded datalogging abilities through RAM channels on MG1 and MG1 Aurix DME cars (e.g. all variants of the B58 engine including the A90 Supra, S58 in the X3M. See pic of a sample bm3 datalog from an M140i B58 test car attached.
  • In combination with non-RAM channels you're able to concurrently capture over 70 channels at over 20 samples per second!
  • MEVD support is in testing across ROMs and on the way.
  • Google Chrome is now our officially supported browser. Those using Safari will see a not-supported message displayed.
  • Maps download and save right inside the browser for in-browser map management. When flashing a map for the very first time you'll see a popup asking to 'Accept' using browser storage. This feature is the first in a series of upcoming features to allow richer offline user experience (already works with mobile apps).
  • Fix for mobile browsers, tapping on input fields (e.g. tap on username field on login or anywhere inside the app) would zoom-in the screen throwing off the UI until a user would refresh.
  • N20-EWG Startup Roar added
  • N55-PWG Selective DTC Code Removal
  • Updated OBD Agent to 0.10.099
MG1/MG1 Aurix New RAM Channels listing:
=== Boost Category
Boost Setpoint
Distribution Factor (Turbine/Wastegate)
WGDC (Base)
WGDC (Adder)
WGDC (Actual)
Turbine Base
Turbine Adder
Turbine (Actual)
WGDC (I-Gain)
WGDC (D-Gain)
WGDC (P-Gain)
Boost Target (Intake Manifold)
Airmass for Boost Control
=== Load Category
Load (Limit)
Load (Target)
Load (Actual)
=== Turbo / Wastegate Category
Target Mass Flow (Corrected for Boost Control)
Target Mass Flow (Exhaust Manifold)
=== Ignition Category
Ignition Timing (per Cylinder) (Target Corr.)
Ignition Timing Corr. (per Cylinder)
Ignition Timing (per Cylinder)
Ignition Mode (Cold/Warm)
Ignition Mode (Spool)
Ignition Correction (Total)
Ignition Target
=== Fuel Injection Category
Relative Fuel Mass
=== Torque Category
Torque for Load (Target)
Torque (Actual)
Torque (Target)

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bootmod3 v0.10.093 system update - Now Available!

By Bertan Kazazic

bootmod3 system update 0.10.093 is out along with the new OBD Agent. Changes include:

  • Additional vehicle support
  • Ability to datalog secondary DME on dual DME cars (e.g. S63tu, N63tu)
  • Changes to datalogging configuration screen splitting Default and Other channels along with an Advanced tab for configuring RAM channels covering a large number of new channels across various software versions supported. "Advanced" tab isn't available outside of bm3 internal dev test cars just yet but will be open to a wider beta and public release very soon. More details to follow soon.
  • Offline Mode menu item accessible while logged in to allow for easy toggle between online and offline modes while logged in
  • Various minor UI updates and fixes

Number of other really cool tuning features are in the works and hoping to release them soon.

App releases to iOS App Store and Google Play store on the way!

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