Customer Review – Kline Decatted Exhaust Review 997.2 TURBO S


We wanted to share a recent customer review of a KLINE decatted exhaust on their Porsche 997.2 Turbo S and their comparison with a Europipe exhaust.

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One month ago I decide to change my exhaust , KLINE was best option( price quality) i was using a catted Europipe exhaust .

Europipe catted vs Kline decatted (personal opinion)
Cold start : Kline win for me this one , the kline decatted exhaust is at least 30% quieter in a cold start against the europipe catted
Normal Driving : they both are very similar in sound character very similar you could notice more boost sound from the europipe and a more high pitch sound from the kline.
Spirit Driving (WOT):In this department the Kline de catted exhaust is superior the sound its very good ,europipe its not far but it doesn’t offer the sound level tone that the kline gets. (personal opinion )

both are great but for me the Kline Decatted exhaust gives you a little of both worlds ( loud when wot , and quiet when cruising )
videos are from Go pro ; sound its not the best but something i haven’t record the europipe yet.

i want to thanks Felix from Kline and Dzenno from Protune Freaks , excellent customer service and fast shipping.

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