New Porsche 997.1 Turbo 60-130mph record – 6.700secs on pump 93 octane – OEM turbos + boltons + PTF custom Cobb tune


We are happy to report that a protune customer of ours from Alabama, US has just set new 997.1 OEM VTG turbo 60-130mph record at 6.700secs on pump 93 octane. The car has minimal bolton modifications including an AWE exhaust, OEM 997.2 intercoolers and turbo inlet pipes with a Sachs 2.5 clutch that drives just like the OEM clutch. This is your ultimate sleeper setup. The car has had ID1000 injectors as the car will be running on E85 soon. We’re looking forward to even faster numbers with E85!

Congrats Greyson, all the best!


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